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National Donut Day 🍩

Did you know that the origins of National Donut Day are traced to the Salvation Army’s involvement in World War I?

Check out this video from The Salvation Army, which created the first donut day event in Chicago in 1938 and designated the first Friday in June each year as National Donut Day.

According to and The Salvation Army, brave women volunteers — later known as the “Donut Lassies” were “dispatched to the frontlines in France with the mission of providing comforting meals for the troops. They soon found out that donuts were an effective way to provide food while navigating the difficulties of cooking in very dire circumstances.”

Both the presence of these courageous women and the donuts that tasted of home brought a light of hope and happiness to the battlefield β€” a much-needed morale boost for languishing soldiers. In fact, the Donut Lassies are also credited with popularizing the donut in the United States after the troops (commonly known as β€œdoughboys”) came back from fighting in Europe.”

Still today, over a hundred years later, The Salvation Army continues to serve on the front lines through a wide range of social services for the most vulnerable individuals and families living in the United States.

Thanks again to our sweet photographer & her dog! πŸ“ΈπŸ•

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