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Friday Fun: Wait … what?

Today’s Friday Fun photo is the perfect ‘side eye‘ response to the title of January’s Thermoforming Report article.

It’s a true flip-the-script twist on the age-old adage: “Less is More“.

With nearly a decade of experience in the executive recruiting arena, I’ve come to realize just how misunderstood this recruiting world can be! One would think that given the deluge of candidates flooding the manufacturing market, utilizing as many recruiters would be the best route. But, that is just NOT the best choice! In fact, when it comes to recruiting, MORE is actually LESS!

Here are a few key points from the article

The knee-jerk reaction to this candidate-driven talent war is to engage as many recruiters as possible to find that perfect fit. 
That is a bad assumption and approach. Every recruiter is not the same. 
Access to the right talent is everything.
There should be a measured purpose to your choice of recruiters. 
Look at it this way: If you wanted advice about how to choose an effective quarterback, 
would you consult with your first five finds on a "best quarterback traits" Google search, 
or would you rather have a sit-down conversation with the GOAT himself, Tom Brady?
For a recruiter who knows his stuff, there is a distinct difference in the mindset of a contingency search and a retained/priority search. 
Contingent recruiting is all about speed and lack of depth, 
and retained recruiting is about thoroughness and in-depth rigor.
If an organization is seeking an absolutely critical role, why not invest time upfront to 
ensure that the recruiting partner truly understands the need from many different aspects? 
Why would you choose to shortchange the process to get marginal candidates
if you can invest the same amount of money to get All-Stars? 
It all boils down to whether or not you invest in and value your recruiting efforts, both internally and externally. 
The effort, energy, and cost are going to be high. 
The ultimate question 
Do you want someone invested in the success of a search? 
Or are you just hoping to find the right person through sheer volume alone?

Click HERE to read the full “More is Less” article in January’s Thermoforming Report, which also includes niche-specific key insights, trending topics, and all-star featured talent highlights.

Another BIG shout-out to our photo-genius daughter and to our photogenic dog!

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