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Friday Fun: Sweet! National Dessert Day: October 14th

Maybe just today, calories from desserts won’t count?!? But then again, sometimes sweet treats are worth the calories, right?

We found some unique & fun facts about desserts:

  • Looking to enjoy cost-free delights? Check out THIS article from thrillist for deals & discounts.
  • Want to know what was the popular dessert for the year that you were born? Thanks, Taste of Home!
  • Think you know about desserts? Test your knowledge with this Desserts Quiz!
  • Curious about the 100 Most Popular Desserts in the World? TasteAtlas has them all.
  • Interested in the history of National Dessert Day? Look no further than this website.

Before you email us, we used a dog-friendly (and people-friendly) no-added-sugar recipe to entice our pup, Georgia Ruth. It was a BIG hit! The recipe made the most perfectly-shaped cupcakes and filled the house with a delicious scent.

Side note: We had intended to use a picture of Georgia Ruth graciously eating the cupcake (as all dogs do, right?), but she absolutely devoured it. Believe us, those pictures were just not post-worthy! 😆

So…what’s YOUR favorite dessert? Ahh – who’s kidding? How can you pick just one?!

As always, photo creds to our daughter & model creds to our dog! Thanks, T, for baking the yummy cupcakes. 🧁

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