Thermoforming Report

Say Cheese!🧀💛

A BIG shout-out to our photography team -- our turophile daughter & our cheesy dog! 
You cheddar believe it -- they are truly the brie's knees! 
No, really, they are as gouda as gold! We can havarti keep it in! 
 We're really fondue of their grate talent, and would be so provolone without them!
We camembert the thought of being without them!
Now, you can set your mind at cheese; we'll kick our cheesy puns to the curd soon!
Ok, ok, ricotta stop! It's better to ask forgiveness than parmesan.
But, just in queso you didn't know, they are nacho average photography team!
So, you feta believe we're going to sing their praises!
We swiss you the best!

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