Our Featured Talent

Regional/VP Level Lean Six Sigma/Continuous Improvement Leader

May 28, 2021

  • Tremendous career driving results through lean transformation in many different industries
  • Excellent ability to develop lean leaders across an organization
  • Develops daily management systems, standard work, the training material to accomplish and engrain those systems, and more
  • Has learned that real transformation is a deliberate process that requires long term commitment throughout the organization – “one mind at a time”
  • As a hands-on leader, he really enjoys the dynamics of making it happen where it counts – on the manufacturing floor – equipping the team with the right tools, and seeing real transformation happen from the ground up
  • Why now?  Strongly desires to get back into manufacturing (shifting away from recent work and efforts leaning a healthcare organization)
  • He has the scope and experience to transform an entire organization and support executives in their efforts to develop leaders throughout all levels and plants.  He can build and develop high level strategic plans to fully impact an entire organization!