Our Featured Talent

Business Leader: Sales, Operations, and More!

Feb 7, 2022

  • Over 30 years’ experience in thermoforming, as an entrepreneur and business owner; he brings a unique level of both business knowledge and technical knowledge (tooling, equipment, etc) 
  • As a business owner, he understands what it takes to succeed; helped drive over $10M in additional revenue; tremendous experience in leading, growing, and building teams
  • Excellent leadership skills and experience, strengths and understanding in equipment and tooling, and even spec’d out a 200K sq ft building, spec’d the equipment, and got it all installed
  • Why now? After wrapping up the sale of the business and assisting with the transition over the past couple of years, he decided to make a break and reset… and is now ready to jump back in, refreshed and renewed
  • Truly a gifted leader that can bring tremendous value in many different ways!  Currently isn’t looking to relocate and therefore Business Development makes sense (no problem traveling)… but he can be utilized as Ops Leader, Technical Sales, and more!