Our Featured Talent

Executive Leader – VP level and above

Jun 16, 2020

  • Excellent career in both rigid and flexible packaging, bringing multi-site accountability, full P&L responsibility, and driving strategic growth initiatives to build market share – both organically and through M&A; leads HR, all of manufacturing, supply chain, capital expenditures, sales, and marketing
  • Driving over 30% organic business growth; transforming a company to one that is nimble, exploring new market segments, and building the talent to support the initiatives across sales, mftg, supply chain, and quality  
  • His leadership style is highly engaged and a recommendation/reference is the best way to communicate his skills in this area: “[He] saw potential in everyone and challenged his reports to step outside their comfort zones in order to accomplish the goals he set for the organization. [He] is an exceptional communicator and listener when it comes to connecting his business strategy with an organization. His ability to command a room and get people of different backgrounds, skill sets, and various levels of management on board with new, unfamiliar ideas will be forever inspiring. [He] single-handedly turned the organization’s way of thinking “this is how we’ve always done it” to “what if we try …”, which opened many doors to new business and connected internal teams” to make things happen.  Amazing testimonial!
  • So why now?  2nd gen family-owned German business hired him to acquire and build a new US business to penetrate the US market; great opportunity and successes were delivered over the past 2+ years; the parent company decided to go in a different direction when Covid hit
  • He is looking for a great leadership role with a company with big challenges – needing to change direction, be transformed, rebuilding, and more; it is all about the scope and challenge and not about the title.