Our Featured Talent

General Manager/Chief Operating Officer/President

May 28, 2021

  • Extensive time in plastics (food packaging) including senior and executive leadership; gifted leader that brings strengths in operations, management, strategy, engineering, projects, and more
  • Drives manufacturing results through OEE: zero waste, zero safety incidents, zero inventory mentality and approach; utilizes lean tools, kaizens, reducing touches and more
  • As a senior leader, he clearly understands that success comes through the team – he is all about helping people succeed and in turn helping the organization succeed
  • Why now? He shifted away from converting and manufacturing and is looking to get back into that environment and product base.  Also desiring to be in the Chicagoland region but willing to travel and/or be remote.
  • Previous accountability for $300M P&L business, and prior: R&D, Ops, ComOps, and more.