Our Featured Talent

Maintenance Director

May 28, 2021

  • Maintenance Director that also has engineering leadership to the table
  • A few highlights: bringing 30 years’ experience in maintenance and engineering roles, he has consistently delivered – specifically through transforming highly reactive manufacturing maintenance into ones that are preventive, predictive, and into reliability centered maintenance
  • Accountable to drive maintenance excellence across and over more than a dozen plants with tremendous focus on safety, reducing costs, and enabling manufacturing to deliver amazing results
  • Why now? Old story: recent sale of a chunk of the business to private equity equals instability and the desire to find a great organization in need of his skills and experience – and passion – for driving maintenance excellence
  • Another desire is to move north and east – from the mid-Atlantic up through the northeast (including parts of the eastern Midwest)
  • If you need someone who knows how to transform a maintenance team or teams across multiple plants and deliver tremendous results due to the improvements in operating efficiencies and reduce costs… this is your guy!