Our Featured Talent

Manufacturing Leader – Production/Plant Manager level

Jun 30, 2020

  • Diverse 25-year career, working up from the floor into Operations Leadership roles in several different industries, including extrusion, styrene, and thermoforming
  • Highly engaging leadership style given his extensive experience; able to quickly develop rapport and relate to the team; brings servant-focused approach with strengths in building relationships, a high floor presence, and drives accountability
  • He is also highly safety focused with a continuous improvement mindset due to early career experience in chemicals and chemicals manufacturing
  • He generates results: one example – process improvements netting more than 30% increases in efficiencies, in turn enabling reduction in nearly 30% in overtime
  • So why now?  Recently started with an organization… but not aligning on safety and quality; things not going as expected and what was communicated to him
  • He is looking for a strong and stable organization given what he’s endured in the past several years (reorgs and M&A impacted his roles); looking for a great fit in culture and specifically relative to an organization.