Our Featured Talent

Operations Excellence Leaders

Jul 13, 2020

Vice President of Operations Excellence & Manufacturing Engineering:

  • Highly accomplished and gifted leader with over 20 years’ experience, the bulk in packaging and containers (including thin gauge thermoforming in food packaging)
  • As a Master Black Belt, he has had tremendous levels of accountability, leading large teams across a global organization including Engineering, Maintenance, Reliability, Process Engineering, Energy & Sustainability, and Operations Excellence
  • Results span across OEE improvements, cost savings (utilities, productivity, quality, and more); EBITDA savings in the millions of dollars, and more
  • Recent major efforts include a 4Dx implementation leading to a better than 5% EBITDA improvement alone
  • Why now?  His current organization is expecting to be sold and the timing is out several years limiting his career growth; looking for a strong organization in need of his skills and experience and with an opportunity to grow and develop into more senior level roles
  • Quietly networking at this point but given his record of success, he will not be available for very long

Global Leader of Operations Excellence (Regional Leader/Director Level):

  • 15 years’ experience, starting out as an Engineer and working into Production and Plant Leadership and then moving into key Operational Excellence leadership roles
  • Brings excellent knowledge of regulated manufacturing and an excellent pedigree in applying LSS to manufacturing operations
  • Very innovative and continues to break the stereotypical notion that LSS applies only to manufacturing: he has created tools and drove dramatic improvements in financial and legal entities within a large, multi-national organization; seeks to do the same in HR
  • Ability to apply and combine complex methodologies from StageGate, Agile, and LSS tools into an easy to digest program and system to utilize strategies that gets results
  • Highly gifted leader that is able to connect well at all levels of the organization, from the floor associate to the C-Suite; coached the CFO, CHRO, and the CLO (legal) to understand and use the simplified tools to great success
  • Very recently recognized and formally awarded by an external association due to tremendous success in driving costs down and employee engagement up in the legal arm of an organization
  • Why now?  Unfortunately, very recently laid off due to Covid impacts
  • Actively seeking new opportunities and given his very visible successes, will likely not be available for long; he brings tremendous value relative to his compensation needs and what he can bring and deliver to an organization