Our Featured Talent

Plant Manager & Technical Leader

May 11, 2020

Plant Manager:

  • Tremendous and extensive career in plastics and is highly skilled in both inline thin gauge thermoforming as well as heavy gauge thermoforming (twin sheet, rotary, sheet fed)
  • Leadership style and approach centers around building up teams: developing standard procedures to ensure consistency, training, holding people accountable, and helping them to understand that consistency drives success
  • So why now? Current company essentially stopped investing and it slowly died; he is looking for a place to help grow and build that can leverage his thermoforming knowledge and needs leadership; looking to be part of a great team
  • Brought in as a change agent and leader in the past, he brings multi-site experience, can quickly establish rapport given his vast experience, and has built teams from the ground up. He is passionate about what he does and is both a high quantity and high quality type of person.

Technical Leader/Plant Manager/Process Engineer/Technical Services Engineer:

  • Over 20 years in thermoforming manufacturing and extrusion – moving from a Tech role into plant leadership
  • And yes, he can pretty much make a huge impact in many different roles!
  • Gifted technical leader with the ability to train and coach from front line Associates through Engineers
  • Additionally, brings skills in new process and product development, with the ability to be an SME in all phases of launch – from design through manufacturing
  • So why now? Literally laid off about a week ago, he is looking for a role where he can contribute and make an impact; really wants a role to continue to interface with the team on the floor; stable, solid, and growing organization
  • He brings extensive experience in extrusion and inline thermoforming and brings a strong history of operations and technical leadership.