Our Featured Talent

Product Designers – Heavy and Thin Gauge

Oct 29, 2019

Senior Design Engineer or Product Design Manager (thin & heavy gauge):

  • 20-year Design Engineer with both breadth and depth of experience in heavy and thin gauge thermoforming, bringing skills and experience from concept through tooling and into full commercialization

  • Additional skills in project leadership and guidance, efficiently bringing new products to life by leveraging new technologies (such as 3D printing, prototyping, and similar) to reduce time to market of products by 15%

  • Excellent skills and abilities to interface directly with external customers and clients

  • So why now? Although things are going well, currently exploring new opportunity to provide career advancement and learning new businesses (beyond CPG and other thin gauge work)

Product Development Engineer (thin gauge):

  • More than 10 years’ experience in design, new product and tooling development, and commercialization with about half in thin gauge thermoforming

  • Strong abilities from ideation through initial design, prototyping, tooling, and initial manufacturing trials and support – end to end development

  • Unique combination: highly creative and innovative with the engineering training, mindset, and experience

  • Truly passionate about design and product development, bringing a breadth of skills and knowledge to ensure her designs are functional and designed for manufacturing.

  • So why now?  Organization is struggling and has gone through another round of layoffs that she was caught in; misses the creativity of upfront design, loves the fast pace of packaging, and is targeting a growing company that values the skills of its team members; looking to get back to the Midwest

Product Development Director or Senior Product Designer (heavy gauge):

  • Over 20 years’ experience in product design and design leadership, specifically in heavy gauge thermoforming applications

  • Adept at both leading an NPD team as well as initiating and driving a new design as a pure Product Development Engineer

  • Excellent skills in project management, 3D modeling, reverse engineering, and more

  • Strengths in leveraging multiple platforms: Solidworks, rendering tools, CAD and CAM, Corel, and more

  • Amazing balance of creativity, aesthetics, mechanical aptitude, and leadership – with the ability to troubleshoot and support through manufacturing

  • So why now?  With the same organization for many years and was a very big part of their success; senior leadership changes drove cultural changes and decided to make a move; looking to leverage his design skills and be a design leader as needed in an organization