Our Featured Talent

Sales and Marketing Manager

Oct 25, 2022

  • This gifted Sales and Marketing Manager brings tremendous experience and expertise in thin-gauge custom thermoforming, thanks to quite literally growing up in the family business. 
  • With a significant understanding of the thermoforming process, he brings a much higher level of technical expertise and hands-on perspective that enables him to penetrate new markets and clients
  • Strengths include an entrepreneurial spirit, creative abilities, and knowledge of the market, which provide a unique perspective on how to run a business. He can drive new business by improving branding, increasing visibility, and more!
  • Leadership style: He is really a teacher at his core and enjoys helping people. 
  • Why now? There is a bit of uncertainty with his current organization, and he is being preemptive. He isn’t actively looking… but a great fit with a growing company that will enable him to leverage his thermoforming knowledge in both sales and marketing efforts would be enticing. 
  • Appropriate roles would be Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Technical Sales… or any combination of those. Being able to leverage his inherent teaching gifts would be the cherry on top for any organization!