Our Featured Talent

Sales Leader – Director/VP Level

Jun 8, 2020

  • Tremendous 30-year career in the packaging industry, with experience in thin gauge thermoformed containers, printing, blisters, and even board
  • His results speak for themselves: driving over $10M in new business – twice; millions of dollars in margin improvements; creator of new strategy to develop new or expand existing product lines; added more than 10 long term contracts and service agreements with critical key customers… it goes on!
  • He understands assembly, is technically oriented, and can drive sales and growth in highly engineered products and solutions
  • His leadership style is highly team based, working with the team to get results – coming alongside, mentoring, coaching, and more; believes in and utilizes the Sandler Sales techniques; led a team of nearly 50
  • So why now?  Private equity made some changes, and he was one of 8 senior leaders impacted by a reduction in force (not unexpected as it has been a year since the acquisition of the company… in which he led the integration and re-alignment)
  • He is looking for a great leadership role with a company in need of growth; flexible relative to the role – from Director through VP and even C-level depending on need. He is being highly selective and has just kicked off his search efforts in earnest in June.