Our Featured Talent

Senior Engineering Leader/Plant Manager

Feb 22, 2021

Uniquely gifted Technical Leader, bringing both tremendous technical skills and operations acumen:

  • Highly experienced and gifted technical leader with tremendous history of delivering results
  • Brings manufacturing, engineering, maintenance, and project leadership experience in plastics, automotive, and consumer products
  • Both a high quality and high quantity leader, he was given more and more during his time in his previous role as they were downsizing, picking up responsibilities from other leaders that were either laid off or left
  • Able to drive results across all platforms and has a great success records of turning poorly performing sites into the best
  • Large scope: supported up to 2000-employee site, led technical team of over 500 across 50 international plants
  • Why now? Major downsizing cut his team to less than 200 and ultimately took a package after staying with them and working 100-hour plus weeks
  • He is looking for a strong and stable organization (he is frustrated with the volatility of the automotive business); looking for a senior level technical role or plant leadership position to make an impact – and brings tremendous value