Our Featured Talent

Senior Operations Leader

Aug 8, 2022

  • More than 30 years’ experience in thermoplastics with excellent technical and operational leadership accountabilities including multi-site and ex-pat assignments
  • Technical strengths in coatings, colors, and pigments, and sheet and film extrusions; though tangential to thermoforming, he is highly adaptable 
  • Talented turnaround specialist, with the proven ability to dramatically improve “unloved businesses,” leveraging many different tools (continuous improvement, capital investment, and more) but with a primary focus on people to gain engagement, ownership, pride, and dramatically improved morale 
  • Why now?  A surprise reorganization/consolidation within the large organization hit… and he was impacted. 
  • Looking for a great, growing, and stable organization to leverage his skills and that needs his ability to engage a team and turn around a business.  Appropriate roles for him are Site Director, Regional Manufacturing Leader, and even a VP for the right-sized organization.
  • Very flexible on location – currently located in the northeast but is open to the Midwest and South!