Our Featured Talent

Plant Manager

Nov 15, 2022

  • This talented Plant Manager is a long-term thermoforming, extrusion, and film professional, bringing experience in food packaging and med device industries. 
  • With a diverse background, he is someone that gets things done. His primary focus is to affect change – getting results through his team. He does a great job of assessing talent, making adjustments to leverage that talent, and moving the organization forward. 
  • His leadership style is focused on mentoring and growing his team… but with ones willing and able to make an impact.  He will help them find their place to be successful or move them out as needed.  He does not need any hand-holding – just turn him loose and allow him to get results. 
  • Why now?  The company he was with had a full turnaround, and he made significant improvements in a short amount of time (50% reduction in scrap & waste in less than 4 months!), but the financials didn’t work, and several people were impacted including him. 
  • Appropriate roles for him would be an Individual Contributor, acting as a Subject Matter Expert in Operations or Process, or in a Plant Leadership role. Titles do not matter to him – he is all about the role, company, and being able to make a positive impact! 
  • Willing to relocate — midwest, east, southeast.