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It’s Cinco de Mayo!πŸ₯³

Everyone knows that May 5th means tacos, margaritas, fun, and fiesta! But, did you know that Cinco de Mayo is actually NOT Mexican Independence Day?!

According to, without the events that happened on May 5, 1862, “the United States may not have existed as we know it today!

When it comes to our Friday Fun page, we always enjoy a good fun-fact-find via! Click HERE to take a deep dive into Mexican-American history to find out ‘what exactly happened on this day of seemingly endless partying and celebration‘!

[*No, we’re not encouraging our dog to drink margaritas; it’s green water! 😁]

Graphic design & photo credit goes to our 🌟talentosa🌟 daughter; photo subject to our πŸ•chΓ©vereπŸ• dog!

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