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It’s Comic Con Week!

For those fans of comics, sci-fi, and fantasy, July 21-24 means one thing: COMIC CON! Boasted as the largest gathering of comic fans in the world, the San Diego Comic Con brings record-breaking crowds who participate in a colorful and action-packed celebration of superheroes, villains, and fantastic creatures!

Even if you’re not a huge “must-go-to-Comic-Con” fanatic, you should be able to recall at least ONE superhero from a comic book/movie/tv show who inspired you to be brave in adversity, tackle the impossible, and use your strengths for good, right?!

Our “superheroes of the day” are our daughter-photographer, LJB, and her dog-model, GRB, who faithfully work to bring us AMAZING pictures for our Friday Fun posts! No matter the “ask” or the “task”, they always save the day! THANKS AGAIN!! 😊 Thanks also to TLB – the wind beneath our wings – who drives us to who-knows-where & conjures up all kinds of props at a moment’s notice to help bring our photos to life! 💐

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