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September is Global Company Culture Month

Company culture is the continuous pursuit of building the best, most talented, and happiest team we possibly can.” Andrew Wilkinson

How do YOU define “company culture”?

As your Thermoforming Talent Partner, Siena Group is ALL about defining and growing company culture – in both our company and in the companies we serve. Take a look at how we’ve addressed company culture in our blogs and Thermoforming Reports over the past year.

From August’s Blog: Leadership should be deliberate about defining what culture they want to create in the workplace, and then going out and doing it! The three key components of cultivating a company’s culture are consistency, communication, and character.

From August’s Thermoforming Report: Culture, chemistry, and fit are significant differentiators in job searches, so candidates should make a point to research the culture of the organization they’re considering. Plus, in interviews be sure to ask specifically about the culture; this demonstrates a strong desire to fully understand the company’s ‘non-negotiables’.

From February’s Blog: When searching for the right person or role, one of the first tools in anyone’s “hiring toolbox” should be a clearly identified role/position, in which culture is a central aspect. Clear expectations are essential for longevity and success!

From February’s Thermoforming Report: One of the ways companies can differentiate themselves and win the talent war is to craft a strong Hiring Brand, which should be an honest reflection of the core culture components: what you stand for as a company, your value proposition, and your team philosophy. 

From January’s Blog: One of the top five trends that manufacturers should seriously consider (if they are to avoid disruption) is to prioritize Talent. More specifically, companies can implement a broad range of talent management strategies to reduce voluntary exits. Culture plays a HUGE part in this! A well-developed culture can be the pivotal tipping point in success and helps companies and talent rise above their competitors.

From November 2022’s Blog: When building a team (whether in baseball or in business), a critical quality for leaders is to know their team and understand how well each team member aligns and fits within the culture of the organization. To do that well, leaders must be present!

From September 2022’s Blog: When searching for talent, most recruiters and hiring managers tend to only focus on defining what the culture IS, when they should also be looking on the other side of the coin, decoding what the culture ISN’T. Hiring managers: For culture questions, remember to ask candidates what DIDN’T work for them in the past. Candidates: To gain better insight into the company’s culture, ask, “How would someone NOT align with the organization’s culture?” These approaches will save time, energy, and money, and further ensure a long-term alignment with the team and organization.

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