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National Dessert Day: October 14th

Did you know that the word ‘dessert‘ originates from the French word desservir, which means ‘to clear the table‘? So, maybe just today, we should enjoy our dessert before the table is even set for dinner?! Then – maybe, just maybe – the calories from today’s dessert won’t count?!? 😏🍰🍪🍨

To entice our sweet pup, Georgia Ruth, we used a dog-friendly (and people-friendly) no-added-sugar recipe. It was a BIG hit! The recipe made the most perfectly-shaped cupcakes and filled the house with a delicious fall scent.

Side note: We had intended to use a picture of Georgia Ruth graciously eating the cupcake (as all dogs do, right?), but she absolutely devoured it. Believe us, those pictures were just not post-worthy! 😆

So…what’s YOUR favorite dessert? Ahh – who’s kidding? How can you pick just one?!

📸 Design & photo creds go to our fabulous daughter & model creds to our dog! Thanks, T, for baking the yummy cupcakes.🧁

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