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🍀Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀

St. Patrick’s Day, observed on March 17th every year, is celebrated in more countries around the world than any other single-day national festival! We’ve provided you with some FAST FACTS about St. Paddy’s Day, according to (a GREAT reputable website!) and (our ‘go-to’ site for all things celebratory!)

🍀 It was originally started as a Christian feast day celebrating the life of St. Patrick, who is credited with successfully spreading Christianity throughout Ireland.

🍀The first St. Patrick’s Day parade in the American colonies was held in New York City in 1762, organized by Irish troops serving in the British colonies.

🍀“Today, the world’s biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration is the annual parade in New York City, where more than 2 million spectators line the parade route, all claiming to be Irish, at least for the day.”

🍀The symbol of St. Patrick is a three-leaf shamrock, NOT a four-leaf clover!! Legend has it that he used the three leaves to explain the Holy Trinity in his teachings… but there is no direct record of this.

🍀Legend also says that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, but snakes aren’t native to Ireland to begin with!

🍀”Blue was the color originally associated with St. Patrick, but green is now favored.” In fact, every March 17th, Chicago uses 60 pounds of green dye to color its river bright green!

from &

Whether you’re Irish or not, whether you enjoy corned beef & cabbage, whether your clothing (or drink) is green or not, here’s hoping that March 17th is a lucky day for all!

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