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National Iced Tea Day!🌞

Everything is better with sunshine, iced tea, and sweet friends!

With the official start of summer coming soon 
(summer solstice is June 21st), 
the timing is perfect to celebrate National Iced Tea Day!
What's the BEST (and most nostalgic) way we enjoy iced tea? 
We make SUN TEA, of course! 🌞
Here's the TEA on how to make SUN TEA!
🌞Fill a glass dispenser with water
🌞Add 8 tea bags per gallon - we like Luzianne or Lipton brands
🌞Want it sweet? Add sugar, honey, or agave to your liking. 
When we were kids, our mom sometimes added Tang or Country Time Lemonade! 😎
🌞We like to add fruit for extra flavoring - oranges, lemons, limes, etc.
🌞It normally takes between 2-3 hours of sunshine to fully steep, 
but it's up to your strength preference. 
TIP: Sun Tea is normally milder than brewed tea, so taste, taste, taste!
🌞Add ice, some citrus & herb garnish, have a sit on your porch, 
and ENJOY! It's well worth the wait!!
🌞Any tea left over? It's best to store sun tea in the fridge.

Thanks again to our sunny photographer & her sweet dog! πŸ“ΈπŸ•

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