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Manufacturing Day!

On the first Friday of every year, across the US, manufacturing businesses open up their doors to showcase their vital contribution to our nation’s economic strength.

Manufacturing Day is a starting point for a month-long celebration of these open-door events, sharing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and piquing the interest of educators, students, and parents.

These events give the general public a ringside view of the manufacturing industry, which is expected to generate 4 million jobs that would need to be filled by 2030!

Interested in being a part of Manufacturing Day? Take a look at some ideas from our favorite calendar website,

🥳 Shout-out to our photo-genius daughter, who is miraculously able to get our photogenic dog to ‘smile’ while wearing a hard hat & safety glasses! 😊 We couldn’t do these Friday Fun posts without you!🥳

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