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Memorial Day: To Honor and Remember

Memorial Day is recognized as “the most solemn American holiday – a day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our nation.[from:] provides four ways we can learn, observe, and teach others to honor those who have given so much for our country:

  • ❤️Moment of Silence: “Every Memorial Day at 3 p.m. local time, whether you’re at home, at a parade or in the middle of a speech, please take a moment to observe the National Moment of Remembrance. For just one full minute, Americans everywhere should pause to remember all the men and women who died in service to our country.”
  • 💙Memorial Day vs Veterans Day: Memorial Day is set aside to honor and remember those who died in service to their country, while Veterans Day is a day to celebrate the living who serve/served our country. 🤍
  • ❤️When to Raise and Lower the Flag: “Memorial Day is the only day that observes both positions [half-staff and full-staff] on the flagpole.” At the beginning of the day, raise the flag to half-staff, and at noon, raise it to full-staff.
  • 💙Remember the Reason: Memorial Day was officially recognized in 1868 on May 30th as a day of remembrance for those fallen in Civil War because no battles happened on that day. In 1968, Congress designated the last Monday in May and included fallen veterans of all battles and eras.

Henry Ward Beecher said of those who have fallen, “They hover as a cloud of witnesses above this nation.

{Shout-out to our photo-genius daughter and to our photogenic dog!}

Today we stand in reverence and gratitude and humbly submit: “YOUR BRAVERY AND SERVICE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

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