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3-for-1! Product Development, Technical Sales Leader, and Tool Designer

Apr 11, 2023

  • 3-for-1! Product Development, Technical Sales Leader, and Tool Designer all wrapped up in one strong Thermoforming Leader with more than 20 years of experience in thin gauge thermoforming!
  • Key strengths are product development, customer-facing and new business development, and tool design. The bulk of his experience is in medical device packaging. He’s led Product Development teams, working directly with customers and clients, from idea through first article and all the way through commercialization, and has driven double-digit growth in new business!
  • In his current role, he was instrumental in helping his company go from $0 to $10M in med device packaging — thanks to his expertise and ability to connect with customers, and thanks to his very strong technical knowledge and application!
  • Why now? The short version is he is ready for a new challenge. The longer version centers around a change in leadership that doesn’t align for him.
  • Another key item: He is located in the Midwest, he’s willing to travel as needed, and is actually looking to make a move out west in order to be closer to family. It’s a rare combination to be willing to relocate and willing to travel!
  • Titles that align? Since he is a ‘combo’, it really depends on the organization: Product Development Manager, or Product Development & Technical Sales Leader
  • Bonus: He also has some experience in heavy-gauge thermoforming, and he’s up for a new challenge!
  • If you are in need of this type of strong Thermoforming Leader, please reach out! In my opinion, he won’t be around for long, so let’s put something together!