Our Featured Talent

Business Development Manager

Apr 18, 2023

  • Business Development Manager/Sales Leader with nearly 5 years of experience in thin gauge thermoforming and more than 20 years in food service/packaging!
  • Extensive experience in food, specifically in the retail space, working with some of the largest big box chains out there. 
  • She is creative, she knows the market, she knows how to close business, and she knows how to dramatically grow that new business into a key – and major revenue-generating – account.  
  • Why now? She is in a role that ultimately isn’t what was communicated upon hire.  She is 100% behind a desk/screen all day and misses the chance to interact with clients and land new business.
  • Located out west, she can focus regionally or, as in previous roles, support national clients
  • Titles that align for her are Business Development Manager, National Account Manager, and/or Director of Sales Operations. 
  • There has been a lot of interest in these strong Business Development LeadersReach out, and we’ll make the connection!