Our Featured Talent

Director of Continuous Improvement

Aug 22, 2023

  • Very strong Director of Continuous Improvement/Operations Excellence, bringing more than 25 years driving change!  
  • Truly outstanding and long career, moving through a large organization as a Black Belt up through to leading the entire Operations Excellence program for the global company. He understands what it takes to create a CI organization that will drive culture change and be self-sustaining.   
  • Exceptional leader with exceptional results: $15M in cost savings annually, across manufacturing, quality, and maintenance organizations. The results he’s led over the years are truly outstanding! 
  • Why now?  It’s hard to imagine with all the year over year over year results, but new leadership came on board and the entire corporate CI team was eliminated.
  • He is looking for the right new opportunity to drive CI into an organization. He is a great leader, highly focused on the floor, even going against the grain and investing significant time with the hourly manufacturing teams… even in his corporate-level Director position! 
  • Titles that align are Director of Operations Excellence or Continuous Improvement, or something similar. 
  • We all need to improve, and this leader can help you get there! Please reach out, and we’ll put you together!