Our Featured Talent

Director of Operations

May 7, 2024

  • Very strong Operations Leader with significant expertise in assessing and correcting challenging manufacturing operations situations. Though he doesn’t call himself a turnaround specialist, he definitely has the proven history of doing just that!
  • To say this Leader has had a diverse career is an understatement! He brings an extraordinary lean background to the table with a history of leveraging it to drive change. He has led multiple teams in different countries, and he is even fluent in Mandarin Chinese! Highly floor-focused leader that craves a major challenge – while working in an environment that allows him the freedom to execute.
  • His Why? This is a long story, but I will try to make it brief. He has worked for the same person for his entire career – nearly 20 years. The person is a wealthy businessman, owns many companies (US and overseas), and brings in this Ops Leader to assess and implement change. The businessman recently retired, and it is now time for this Ops Leader to settle into a longer-term role – but with the opportunity to make the same major impacts.  
  • Titles will range from Plant Manager or Senior Plant Manager to Manufacturing Director or Operations Director.  There may be an opportunity for some organizations to take advantage of his language skills (Mandarin Chinese) and all that operations excellence experience.  He has current work visas for China and India. BONUS: He’s willing to relocate!
  • If you need a highly culturally diverse with strengths in operations leadership and a lot of experience in private equity-run companies, please reach out. This All-Star can really make things happen! Let’s connect and talk through the details!