Our Featured Talent

Director of Product Engineering

Sep 5, 2023

  • Strong Director of Product Engineering: 20-year vet in thin-gauge thermoforming, bringing tremendous strengths in new product development, leadership, and more. 
  • Outstanding pedigree, starting out as a Design Engineer and moving up & into Engineering Leadership roles and ultimately into his current accountability of leading all Product Engineering for a well-known thermoforming company. 
  • Strengths: His strengths align with engineering and design, but he also has a lot of flexibility and does what is needed! In his leadership role, he has supported maintenance, helped on the facilities side, and supported operations as well.
  • Why now? With recent major executive leadership changes, quite a few key leaders were impacted.  Additionally, the changes being implemented are of high concern, and he has begun a confidential search for a new opportunity.   
  • He is located in the southeast but is willing to relocate for the right role. He is flexible on title and scope but definitely comes in at or above the Director level, depending on the size of the organization. He has a large scope and accountability within engineering and NPD. 
  • This kind of strong Technical leader is hard to come by!  Please reach out, and let’s have a conversation.