Our Featured Talent

Early Career Manufacturing Engineer

Mar 21, 2023

  • Early Career Manufacturing Engineer with a couple of years of experience in extrusion and decent exposure to thermoforming. 
  • He currently supports new programs and project oversight of those new products, but he’s realized that he would much prefer the manufacturing floor. 
  • Graduating during Covid forced a quick decision on an opportunity, and after two years, the role isn’t what he desires – it’s too much desk work and not enough production floor. Though he doesn’t have much process/manufacturing engineering experience, he has a great education (UMass Lowell), solid experience in film extrusion, and even has supported thermoforming trials (with customers/clients). 
  • Why now? It’s all about making his next career move – shifting to a much more desired function than what he is currently doing. He was patient at his current company, got a solid base of experience prior to making a move, and gained some real-life work experience to better define and understand his preferences. 
  • The roles he is targeting are Process Engineer or Manufacturing Engineer. 
  • He is located in the northeast and looking to get into a great and growing organization. Though he doesn’t have a ton of experience, he would make a great fit for any company – especially given how tough it is to land engineers in this market! 
  • Everyone needs engineers! So, please reach out!