Our Featured Talent

Plant Manager/General Manager: Heavy-Gauge SME

Apr 9, 2024

  • Unique Leader & SME in heavy gauge thermoforming, with more than 20 years of experience in heavy gauge thermoforming (in a variety of functions including everything from Quality Tech, Set-up Tech, Technical Sales Support, Sales and Business Development, and General Management) and more than 10 years of experience in research and development, training, and leading in an academic environment! 
  • He loves R&D — from concept through to manufacturing. He enjoys training and developing, from creating the program to implementing it and seeing the fruits of the effort. He truly loves to teach!  
  • His Why? Having invested 10 years in the academic world, specifically being the key liaison between the university, companies, and the community (developing and implementing training, coaching and developing new and innovative parts and projects, and more), he is ready to get back to his manufacturing roots, which is his first love. 
  • Titles that align are quite varied, running the gamut from Production Manager to Plant Manager to General Manager on the operations side, all the way through to Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, and similar on the business development side.  And… he is willing to relocate!  He and his wife strongly desire to move to warmer climates, having lived in the Northeast for a long while. 
  • If you need an SME in heavy gauge forming, with knowledge and experience in plastics manufacturing processes and polymers, and a broad base of manufacturing roles, please reach out! Let’s connect!