Our Featured Talent

HR Director/VP

Jul 4, 2023

  • High-level HR Director/VP leader with tremendous scope including global accountability for large organizationsMulti-site, supporting more than 3000 FTEs, and with manufacturing, sales, and corporate oversite. 
  • His key strengths center on effectively managing change. Additionally and importantly, he can quickly gain the trust and respect of a team – big or small – thanks to his approach, personality, and experience. 
  • Why Now? He’s been consulting for the past 5 years and strongly desires to get back into a permanent role with a great company to make that long-lasting impact. He also loves manufacturing and misses being in the mix on the floor. 
  • Titles that align range from Senior HRBP, to HR Director, and VP of HR, depending on the scope. He is located in the northeast; he’s willing to travel as needed and even relocate for the right role.   
  • If you’re interested in this top talent, please reach out! I’d love to put you together!