Our Featured Talent

Manufacturing Engineer

Apr 30, 2024

  • This Talent is very hard to find these days: a thin-gauge Manufacturing Engineer! 
  • Though he is only a few years into his career, he brings a solid base of design engineering, tooling knowledge, and process engineering in thin-gauge thermoforming.   
  • His Why? Things are going very well for him. He loves the company, the culture, the overall opportunity…it’s all good. But he strongly desires to relocate to Texas to be closer to family. If he could take his current role and the company had a location in Texas, he would jump at it! But since they don’t, he reached out to me to see if I knew of any company in need of his skills and experience. 
  • Titles that align depend on the need: Manufacturing Engineer, Process Engineer, Tooling Engineer, or Design Engineer – though he is enjoying his current floor-focused role quite a bit. 
  • Manufacturing Engineers are hard to come by!  If you are in Texas and in need of a thin gauge Engineer, then let’s connect!