Our Featured Talent

NPD Leader/Medical Packaging Sales Manager

Jul 25, 2023

  • Strong NPD Leader making the transition into Sales Manager.  Bringing nearly 10 years of experience in medical packaging (both flexible and rigid packaging), he has interfaced across all internal and external stakeholders to generate solutions and leading to new business (upwards of $10M!). 
  • He is a designer and technical expert, thanks to his significant education and time working hand in hand with customers. He has that great combination of applying his knowledge gained as a scholar directly to brainstorming new ideas to solve problems with key business partners and clients. 
  • Why Now? He recently completed his MBA and is looking to make a shift into a new organization for a new opportunity as a Sales and Account Manager. His path in the current company remains as a Development Engineer and Leader in the healthcare space, but he is really desiring to leverage his technical background, customer-facing experience, and his recently gained business knowledge in his MBA and apply it directly to a Sales role. 
  • Desired titles are going to be typical: Account Manager, Sales Rep, and similar. He is willing to step into a Technical Sales Engineer role as long as there is a path to a full commercial role in the future. 
  • He’s located in the Midwest, but he is also open to relocation. He is quietly looking for a new opportunity. 
  • If he aligns with a need, please reach out! I’d love to put you together!