Our Featured Talent

Operations/Plant Manager

Dec 5, 2023

  • Strong, well-rounded Operations Leader who brings over 20 years of experience, with more than 10 of those in thin-gauge thermoforming packaging. The other 10 years are in automotive parts manufacturing (injection molding), which taught him how to utilize continuous improvement tools to drive improvements – to the point where he is currently acting as a Site Operations Excellence Manager. 
  • His leadership style is highly floor-focused: investing a lot of time to better understand the true needs and being a part of the many Kaizen events that he has initiated, developed, and led – including doing a lot of coaching and training of his team members. 
  • His Why? Though things are going very well with his current organization, he is working in the northeast but is based in the southeast. Due to family responsibilities, he is not able to relocate and therefore commutes/travels to his onsite role.  Ultimately, he desires to work for a strong and stable organization that is committed to continuous improvement, be able to leverage his thermoforming knowledge and experience, and be closer to his home base.  
  • Titles that align are Manufacturing Manager, Plant Manager, or even Operations Excellence Manager, depending on the scope. He has led a 24/7 team of up to 150 people.  
  • If you need a very strong and versatile Operations Leader who is flexible on location, give me a call!  I’d love to put you together!