Our Featured Talent

Director of Operations: Thin & Heavy Gauge

Apr 16, 2024

  • Versatile, 30-year Operations Leader who brings experience and expertise in both thin gauge and heavy gauge thermoforming with broad accountabilities and a proven history of supporting strong company growth! 
  • He has worn many hats as he helped a company grow for over 2 decades, starting out with less than $1M in revenue to over $50M in revenue during his time there.  He has led manufacturing, maintenance, implemented ERP and CMMS systems, built and led an offshoot tooling business in support of the core businesses, led IT, capital project management including acquiring and converting over a brownfield site, supporting acquisitions, assisted in hiring and training, and more! Such an abundance of experience and knowledge!
  • He is a tremendous asset, bringing a wealth of knowledge across an entire manufacturing business, making positive impacts in many different areas, and even includes being a key liaison between manufacturing operations and sales for new product development and implementation.   
  • Why Now? Familiar story: a recent change in executive leadership brought with it a restructuring, and his role was impacted. 
  • Titles that align are quite varied given his breadth of accountability over the years.  Anything from Director of Operations all the way through to Project Director and even Product Director.  He is located in the Midwest and willing – and expecting to – relocate! 
  • If you are looking for a very strong, hands-on leader with strengths in either thin or heavy gauge thermoforming and with a broad base of overall experience, then let’s connect!