Our Featured Talent

Plant Manager/Production Manager

Feb 20, 2024

  • Strong Operations Leader with nearly 20 years of experience in thin gauge thermoforming and more than 25 years total in production leadership.
  • He has great perspective on leading teams – working with both larger, multi-site corporations and with small, family-owned, and operated businesses. This gives him a unique perspective on how to bring the structure and processes from the big to the small, implementing best practices and utilizing different types of tools to drive success. And, from the small to the big regarding strong culture, values, and being floor- and people-focused.
  • He also has a lot of experience developing and training new procedures to ensure consistency across a 24/7 operation… and how to consistently deliver results because of this investment in his teams.
  • His Why? He hasn’t been with his new company that long (less than a year), but he has realized things are not what they seemed when he signed on. So, he is looking for a long-term opportunity with a growing organization in need of his technical and leadership experience. One of his long-term roles was more than 15 years; that’s what he’s looking for!
  • He is located in the southeast and desires to stay in that general vicinity due to family needs, but he is willing to explore options (hopefully those that don’t include piles of snow!). Plant Manager is the right title given his previous scope. He’s led 24/7 highly-complex, highly-automated operations of about 300 team members.
  • If you need a strong Manufacturing Leader who is an SME in thin gauge forming, let’s connect!