Our Featured Talent

Plant Manager/Production Manager

Nov 7, 2023

  • 25-year Plant/Production Manager: SME thermoforming veteran, bringing multi-site manufacturing leadership to the table. 
  • He has tremendous technical strengths in both heavy and thin gauge forming, knows and has worked with many different equipment manufacturers (ILLIG, Lyle, Brown, SenCorp, to name a few), a variety of polymers, and tool & die. He really is the full package! 
  • He currently leads and supports three different manufacturing plants with about a 500-headcount accountability. 
  • His Why?  Though he has been with his current company for many years, his career has taken him further away from the east coast.  He needs to make a move back – and the further south the better – to be close to and to support his extended family.  He is also bilingual, which is a tremendous asset!
  • Titles that align are Plant Manager, Production Manager, or even Regional Manufacturing Director (as long as he can be located in the southeast). He is willing and does already travel quite a bit, and therefore is not a problem for him.   
  • He has a ton of energy and brings it to the floor every day! If you need a Manufacturing Leader who is also an SME in thermoforming, give me a call!