Our Featured Talent

Plant Technical Manager

Mar 26, 2024

  • Versatile Engineering & Maintenance Leader who brings a great combination of highly technical skills and expertise, along with capital project accountability and a continuous improvement mindset. 
  • Known as “The Fixer”, he is relied on to understand and correct challenging technical and process issues… and even in logistics, customer service, and finance. He is also big on developing his team into a very strong group of problem-solvers. 
  • His Why? Though recognized as a critical part of the team and business, his opportunities to grow and advance are very limited. And, as can happen in certain organizations, his success has led to a “we need you in this role” type of approach, which further impacts his ability to increase his scope.  He desires a strong organization where he can make big impacts, develop people, and grow in scope.   
  • Quick caveat: Though he does not bring explicit thermoforming experience, he has a diverse background, supporting electro and mechanical engineering on a complex process, which can easily translate into success in the thermoforming world. He was hired as an engineer and then was brought in to help a flailing maintenance team; he was able to not only stop the bleeding, but he rebuilt the team into a tremendous success! 
  • Located in the Midwest, he is flexible on location, but looking to be in warmer climates. Titles that align are Engineering & Maintenance Manager, Plant Technical Manager, and similar.    
  • If you need a strong Technical Leader who is engineering and maintenance-focused, let’s connect! I’d love to put you together!