Our Featured Talent

President & CEO

Aug 15, 2023

  • Executive: President & CEO with tremendous experience leading and driving a large organization.
  • His highly successful career cannot be represented in just a few snippets of information, but we’ll do our best!
  • More than 30 years in thermoforming with nearly 10 years as the head of a company – it’s a more than $500M business, with oversight of thousands of employees and many manufacturing sites.
  • Strengths: He was crucial in driving new revenue, adjusting the footprint to meet the changing needs of the market, changing the safety culture of the entire organization, and more!
  • Coming out of the sales organization, he is a gifted leader who knows how to motivate and energize a team.
  • Why now?  A change occurred and he is looking for his next opportunity. After several months of rest, he is ready to jump back in with renewed energy and excitement.
  • Located in the southeast, he is seeking Executive-level roles as well as Board membership opportunities and Executive Advisor positions.
  • If you are in need of an experienced Executive Leader, please reach out! Access to this kind of talent is special and comes via retained search efforts.