Our Featured Talent

Production Manager: Los Angeles region

Apr 19, 2024

  • 30-year veteran of Production Leadership, uniquely bringing 20 years of experience in heavy gauge manufacturing and more than 10 years of experience in thin gauge forming!
  • This bilingual leader understands manufacturing operations front to back – from pellet handling through extrusion, forming, packaging, and all the way through to shipping and warehousing.  At one point, he had accountability for a production team of over 600 employees!
  • His Why? The small company he is with is struggling, and he is concerned. He is looking to be part of a larger, more stable organization. He prefers a company with some structure that values its team members, tracks its results, objectives, KPIs, and delivers quality products to its customers. Pretty simple formula that sometimes is harder to find!
  • Titles that align are Senior Production Manager or Plant Manager, depending on the need. The big challenge is location. He is not able to relocate out of the Los Angeles area at this time, and though he is constricted by driving time and distance, he is flexible and willing to commute – up to a point.
  • He is a tremendous Production Leader who is in need of a great company.  If you have a need in the Los Angeles region, then give me a call! I’d love to connect!