Our Featured Talent

Regional EHS Manager

Jun 20, 2023

  • Strong Regional EHS Manager with tremendous scope and experience, including working in highly regulated and highly sensitive industries.
  • Multi-site accountability and a true SME in all areas of health, safety, and performance improvements – bringing a unique combination of EHS and behavioral change experience.
  • As would be expected, he has proven results – implementing new programs that drove compliance adherence, decreased incident occurrences, effective training that improved team building and internal promotions and more.
  • Why Now? Though highly successful in his current role, he works for a well-known and very large organization that has a history of burning out really talented leaders – and he’s now in that camp. He is looking for a great new company that can leverage his extensive knowledge in EHS.
  • Senior EHS Manager, EHS Director, Regional EHS Manager, or similar titles align with his background and experience. He can support one large site or multiple sites as a Regional Leader. He would prefer the DFW region, but he’s willing to explore a relocation for the right role and the right company.
  • If you’re interested in this top talent, please reach out, and we’ll get a meeting scheduled!