Our Featured Talent

Regional Sales Manager

May 2, 2023

  • Regional Sales Manager with significant strengths in food packaging, bringing over 15 years of experience in paper, films, and thin-gauge thermoforming products. 
  • Most recently, he is the leading rep for a top 20 thermoforming company, increasing sales in his division from less than $10M to nearly $30M in the 4 years he’s been there!
  • He knows how to grow an existing business and will rapidly become your revenue leader… or he can (and has) built territories from scratch. 
  • Why Now? A recent change in approach to the bonus and commission structure internally with the company will significantly impact his overall take-home compensation, and he is looking to make a change. 
  • He is based in the Midwest and can support a regional or a national client base.
  • Titles that align for him are organizationally specific: Regional Sales Manager, Business Development ManagerNational Sales Account Rep, or similar. 
  • Though food packaging is his wheelhouse, he can readily adapt (and has been exposed to) other products including medical device packaging and CPG packaging. 
  • He is quietly putting some feelers out and is targeting a company with a strong reputation in the industry and where he can be challenged to drive top-line growth.
  • If you’re interested in this top talent, please reach out, and we’ll get a meeting scheduled!