Our Featured Talent

Sales Director

Mar 19, 2024

  • 20-year Sales Leader who brings excellent experience in food and food packaging, especially in the grocery and retail space. 
  • Currently leads a nationally-focused team across a base of some of the largest groceries in the country… and with it a tremendous base of strong client relationships.  He is driven and has the results to back it up! 
  • Why Now? Things are going well but are a bit stagnant, there are no upward opportunities (long-established leaders in place), and, more recently, significant obstacles and red tape have manifested in the last regime change, and it’s frustrating.  He has decided to make a change and is quietly starting his search. 
  • He is looking for a company where he can make a major impact, be able to influence the strategic plan, and be able to grow… be able to be more nimble and make decisions.
  • Located in the southeast, he is a road-hound and makes things happen!  Director/Senior Director of Sales and VP of Sales are the best fit… but he doesn’t care about titles.  It is all about the company, the people, the team, and his ability to make a lasting impact. 
  • If you need a Sales Leader with an extensive base of experience in food packaging (retail and grocery-focused), let’s connect!