Our Featured Talent

Sales Director

Jul 11, 2023

  • Very strong 30-year food service and packaging Sales Director/Leader on the west coast who brings a tremendous book of business and industry knowledge.
  • Not only does he leverage his extensive experience in the industry to drive top-line sales, his real strength is his ability to see problems and offer custom solutions to his clients through the use of a strong design team. That combination of seeing a need and then being able to fill it, based on his knowledge & experience, is where he really shines.
  • He has tremendous pedigree – comes from a very large organization with a history of delivering outstanding results.  He is a “both/and” type of Sales Leader – one that will both lead, guide, and mentor his Account Managers and be the key contact for critical and large clients. 
  • Why Now? It seems that a few companies have been changing the comp package for their sales team members, which in some cases negatively impacts the overall net pay. Things are going great for him – great company, great organization, and more – but the hit to his bottom line is real, and he is quietly looking for a new role. 
  • Titles that align are Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager, or Sales Director, depending on the scope and organization need.   
  • If you are in need of this type of very strong sales talent out on the west coast, please give me a call!  I’d love to put you together!