Our Featured Talent

Senior Director of Operations

Jan 2, 2024

We are re-featuring a Senior Operations LeaderHe is looking for his right next fit – something that unfortunately did not work out this past summer.  STRONG in Operations, Engineering, and Maintenance Leadership – with a LSS Black Belt and more! 

  • Very strong Senior Operations Leader with several years’ experience in supporting and leading multiple manufacturing plants and most recently in thin-gauge thermoforming.
  • With significant breadth and depth, he has a solid background in engineering and maintenance before he shifted over to operations leadership. Prior to all of that, he was in the Army.
  • He understands highly regulated and clean room manufacturing and has full accountability over production, maintenance, engineering, EHS, quality, and supply chain. Obviously, the full boat!
  • Unique skill set: he also has several certs – LSS Black Belt, two from APICS, and two from SHRM! So, he’s got the practical experience as well as the formal training!
  • Why Now? Same story, unfortunately different company. A new executive was brought onboard and as a result, the new exec brought in his own team, laid off existing senior leaders, and this Ops Leader was impacted. A key desire for him is a strong and stable organization where he can mentor his leaders and drive results.
  • Titles that are going to align for him are Director of Operations, Director of Manufacturing, or even up to the VP level depending on the scope. He is located in the southeast and willing to travel as needed in support of multiple plants. He would be willing to relo, but it would have to be the right role.
  • It’s definitely worth taking advantage of this fresh opportunity to grab a tremendous leader!  So, reach out! I’d love to put you together!