Our Featured Talent

Senior Director of Sales

Dec 26, 2023

  • Senior Sales Leader who brings significant experience in plastics and capital equipment sales, with an emphasis on sustainability. He is heavily involved in the thermoforming industry on several fronts.  
  • Given his overall knowledge of the thermoforming industry, with a ton of experience in tooling and equipment, he brings excellent brand management, top-line growth strategies, full P&L accountability, and more!
  • One of his passions is sustainability! He is readily able to make impacts in any area of thermoforming but is specifically seeking to shift upstream into recycling, working to leverage newer technologies to advance sustainability, all within the thermoforming world.  
  • His Why? With recent executive leadership changes, he is concerned about overall stability and is looking to explore other options. He desires to leverage his thermoforming knowledge in a customer-facing role. 
  • Since his focus is commercial/customer-market facing, titles that align include Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Commercial Director, or Chief Commercial Officer, depending on the scope of the company.  With new business development and sales & marketing as his key strengths, he would be a huge asset to your team! 
  • If you need a strong Sales Leader with extensive connections throughout the thermoforming world, please give me a call!  I’d love to put you together!