Our Featured Talent

Senior Operations Leader

Mar 12, 2024

  • Strong 25-year Operations Leader who brings tremendous pedigree – working for a large, multi-national company for over 20 years. 
  • At one point in his career, he was hand-picked to lead a greenfield project, starting up a new facility and turning it into a perennial top-performing plant. 
  • He is a very strong proponent of creating and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement… with the results to back it up.  Coming out of the manufacturing finance world, he made a shift into operations leadership and leveraged his business acumen to drive results.  Add that to his strong communication skills across all levels, and you have a formula for success! 
  • His Why? Though he has avoided previous reductions in force impacts in previous years, the overall instability finally caught up to him, and he was impacted in late January.   
  • He is looking for a great company to take advantage of his operations leadership experience and with a company that cares for its people.  Like most, he is not someone who likes being micro-managed. None of us do, but given his experience and scope, he wants to be able to drive his team to succeed without having a heavy hand.
  • Located in the southeast, he is willing to relocate… but prefers warmer climates.  Given his scope (currently leads 3 different plants), titles that align are Manufacturing Director, Director of Operations, or similar.  That said, he is more than willing to take on a Senior Plant Manager role that has a large scope (a team of more than 700, revenue accountability of $200M or more, and similar). 
  • If you need a strong Operations Leader with a continuous improvement mindset and a background in manufacturing finance, let’s connect!  He is highly active in his search… so don’t hesitate!